Organic Foot Balm 

Foot Balm

100% Natural and Organic*
100% Natural and Organic
Foot Balm
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Size: 60 g / 2 oz
Retail Price:AUD 19.70
Our Price:AUD 17.30
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A special treat for your feet after a long day and to get them going in the morning.

Foot Balm contains specially selected essential oils that will help your feet to relax and make the skin feel young and soft again. Allow yourself just a few minutes to massage the foot balm gently in to your feet - or even better ask your partner to do it for you.
You will be surprised how fresh and relaxed you will feel after this treatment.

Your feet carry you around all day long - why not give them something back?

Ingredients of Organic Foot Balm:
Calendula flower extract, clove extract, virgin oils (almond, olive organic), beeswax, castor oil, lanolin, aloe vera, benzoin, essential oils (cinnamon leaf, dill seed, lemongrass, patchouli, pinus mugo, rosemary, tea tree, wintergreen), Australian bushflower essences (bauhinia, bottebrush, dog rose, silver princess, sunshine wattle).

*Organic Foot Balm is made from 100% natural and organic ingredients. It contains no synthethic colours, fragrances or preservatives and most of the ingredients have been grown organically without the use of pesticides or herbizides.
Foot Balm has not been tested on animals.


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60 g / 2 ozAUD 17.30
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