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Use these easy to follow recipes to make your own herbal products and home remedies.
HandLotion       submitted by Hillside Herbal Products
Try this great Hand Lotion after a very old recipe. It cools and softens the skin and will even help to clean stained hands.
It should be used up in 2-3 weeks, so make it only in small batches.
- 30 ml (or 1/3)Eau de cologne of you choice
- 30 ml (or 1/3)Freshly pressed lemonjuice
- 30 ml (or 1/3)Glycerine

Put all ingredients in to a small bottle and shake well. Shake before every use!


Perfum cream       submitted by Hillside Herbal Products
Make your own favourite perfum creme. It makes a fantastic, inexpensive present to give to your friends

- 5mlJojobaoil
- 30 mlAlmondoil
- 7.5 grBeeswax (NOT candlewax or paraffin!)
- 7.5 mlEssential oils or fragrance of your choice


  • Put a small bowl, preferably glass or stainless steel, in to a saucepan filled with hot water (bain marie).
  • Pour jojobaoil and almondoil in to the bowl and mix well.
  • Add beeswax and stir until beeswax has dissolved.
  • Remove bowl from saucepan and add essential oils or fragrance while stirring continously.
  • Continue to stir while the mixture cools down. Pour in to suitable small jars as soon as it starts to thicken.
  • Put lids tightly on jars once your perfume creme has cooled down completely and label.
  • Now let the jars rest in a cool, dark place for 2-3 weeks.
Enjoy your very own perfum creme. Try to experiment with different essential oils and fragrances. A nice one to start with using essential oils would be: 10drops Petitgrain Paraguay, 5 drops Lemon, 5 drops Bergamot, 5 drops Olibanum (Frankincense).

Baby Massage Oil       submitted by Hillside Herbal Products

Mild, delightfully scented massage oil for babies and children. It is - of course - also suitable for adults!

- 50 mlAlmondoil
- 4 dropsLemon essential oil
- 10 dropsMandarine essential oil
- 10 dropsOrange essential oil

Put all ingredients in to a small bottle and shake well.
Do not use essential oils in higher concentration than suggested above, as they are very concentrated!


Cough Syrup       submitted by Sherri Owen

A recipe, not for salve or skin but for a nasty cough -
- 1large red onion - sliced
- 1large grated ginger root
- 1large bottle of honey (preferably from local beekeeper)
- *optionally add a clove or two of garlic for extra oomph

Layer in order given in glass baking dish - bake in slowest oven until done (mushy). Strain if desired :) and bottle.
In a hurry? You can microwave a smaller amount and even use powdered ginger and a simple white onion, but the above slow-cooking recipe is preferred to get all the goodies cooked through each other.
Do you have your own favourite recipe that you would like to share with others? your recipe to us and we will gladly publish it on this page.




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