"Well thank you very much for your product! I broke the outside bone in my right foot about three weeks ago and sent for your Comfrey Ointment right away and, let me tell you....it has done wonders!
I plan to continue to use it also for the arthritis that I have in my knees as it is also a tremendous help for that! Again.....thank you very, very much!"

J. Turner, Battle Creek, USA

"... the eczema on my left leg was was getting better within a few days after I started using your tea tree ointment and st john's wort oil as you suggested. It has almost disappeared now. Thank you..."

M. Hopkins, Brisbane, Australia

"... the easy breath ointment has really helped me with my blocked nose and doesn't give me a sore nose like the nasal spray does..."

P. Reith, Auckland, New Zealand

"Your shampoo and conditioner are both excellent. They are very economical and have a wonderful fragrance they also give our hair wonderful body and healthy shine. Many thanks."

S. Misson, Perth, Australia

"... the scar on my left shoulder has become much softer since I started to rub it with st. john's wort oil. I have found, that it is also a very good baby oil for my 3 months old son."

S. Thompson, Sydney, Australia



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